School Activities & Development

All our activities are tailored to the relevant year group involving an agreed programme. Usually, our activities are delivered on-site at the school, however, if this is not possible we can always deliver the same activities at another suitable venue such as a local park or Scout camp.

“I would like to congratulate Gateway Adventure and your dedicated staff for their

attention to detail and the rapport they have with both staff and students. Thank you!"

Mr Simmonds, Ridgewood High School



  • Gateway Adventure’s activity days are all about having fun and a good time, but there is an important element to all the enjoyable activities we deliver to participants.

    Our aim is for all of our participants is, primarily, to facilitate the development of life skills which are applicable in adult life, for example leadership, cooperation, motivational and teamwork skills.

    All our activities are tailored to the relevant year group involving an agreed programme. Usually, our activities are delivered on-site at the school, however, if this is not possible we can always deliver the same activities at another suitable venue such as a local park or Scout camp.

    After a booking has been made and prior to the delivery of a course, Gateway Adventure will appoint a Course Leader who will oversee a group of Team Leaders for the day. This Course Leader will liaise with the school or organisation to discuss the needs of the students and school/college so that we ensure specific learning outcomes are incorporated throughout the day and that all participants enjoy a rewarding and exciting experience.
  • We offer different programmes and packages to suit your budget and objectives. These include:

    • On-Site School Activity Days

    • 2 & 3 Day On-Site Residentials

    • 2, 3 & 5 Day Residentials

    • Prefect Training Days

    • Assisting GCSE & BTEC course work

    • School INSET and enrichment days

    We can also assist or provide activities and venues for end of year school adventure weeks and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Gold Residentials.
  • Our on-site activity days are ideal for developing friendships at the beginning of the school year. It can also help the Teacher see their students outside the classroom and observe class dynamics and individual personalities that may not be apparent in a classroom environment.

    The team building activities that Gateway Adventure use are designed specifically for different year groups to avoid repetition of tasks each year.

  • Gateway Adventure offer on-site residentials for the younger age groups ranging from Year 4 to Year 6 pupils.

    The 2-3 day on-site residential is to offer the younger pupils the activities of the 2, 3 and 5 day residentials for older students. They will experience the same activities but simplified and less challenging to ensure they are not discouraged or excluded.
  • Gateway Adventure delivers its multi-activity adventure programmes at locations that have breathtaking landscapes and diverse geographical areas within the United Kingdom. Taking part in activities in these areas inspire parties that include inner city students to appreciate the great outdoors and their wider environment.

    In addition, our programmes support learning through experience offering a Challenge by Choice policy delivering our activities utilising the ‘Comfort-Stretch-Panic’ method of personal development.

  • Dependant on the overall goal you are trying to achieve, team building takes the form of a planned activities designed to teach specific skills. However, sometimes it’s a less structured activity that is more fun but still ‘stretches’ the individual so they are still learning and gaining valuable life skills.

    Activities Available
    Depending on the venue and location Gateway Adventure’s experienced Instructors and Leaders will introduce students to a range of new skills and activities including:

    • Archery

    • Bushcraft

    • Camp Craft

    • Caving

    • Gorge Walking (Site specific)

    • Ground Leadership Tasks/Team Tasks (Exercises in order to improve/assess teamwork and communication skills)

    • High and Low Rope Courses

    • Hill Walking and Mountaineering

    • Kayaking, Canoeing and Improvised Raft Building

    • Map Reading and Navigation techniques

    • Mountain Rescue Scenarios

    • Off Road Cycling/Mountain Biking

    • Orienteering

    • Rock Climbing and Abseiling

    • The Country Code

  • The Prefect is essentially the link between the school staff and it’s pupils and therefore the role of a Prefect needs to include many skills that may not be present before undergoing any training.

    Gateway Adventure offers a suitable training programme which can be tailored to your requirements and will enable your school Prefects to effectively communicate with a wide range of people within your organisation, including students, teachers, parents and school governors.

  • Gateway Adventure can be on hand to aid with your delivery of your GCSE or BTEC courses and work closely with the school to ensure that the course and activities will be delivered within the guidelines of Ofqual’s principles.

    Gateway Adventure can assist with the following syllabuses.

    • GCSE (PE) - Orienteering, Outdoor and Indoor Climbing, Mountain Biking Kayaking & Canoeing

    • GCSE Geography/Geology Field Trips

  • Inset Days

    We realise that school staff are sometimes just as much in need of a fun day of activities as the students they work with. Whether it is for a small departmental team or the entire school staff, our bespoke programmes provide a great opportunity for all job roles to interact in a fun, non pressured environment.

    Enrichment Days

    Gateway Adventure offers on-site activities for age groups ranging from Year 4 right through to Year 13. Depending on the location of the school, some may be able to be organised off-site in a local park, Scout camp or wooded area.


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